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    Excel troubleshooting and repair experts Custom Excel Programming  and Outsourced Projects
Rapid Application Development & Prototyping
Rush Projects, Debugging,

Excel Troubleshooting, Repairs, Modifications, Upgrades
Excel Guidance, Instruction, Answers to Questions
Advanced Formulas, Functions, Macros and VBA
Rebuilding Legacy Code to Run on Excel 2010 and Excel 2007
Data Processing .CSV files, Text files, XML files
Data Cleansing, Manipulation, Transformation, Automation 
Custom Spreadsheet Applications & design
Custom Excel KPI Dashboards, Survey Forms and BI Systems
Custom Excel Charts, Reports, Analysis
Advanced Data Collection and Analysis and Presentation
Custom User Interface and Usability Design and Development
Excel Integration with eCommerce and Web and Data Systems


Restore Excel Ribbon - Excel Ribbon Missing - Ribbon Disappeared Excel 2010 , Excel 2007
Microsoft gives out Office 365 Mobile Apps for free
Microsoft gives out Office 365 Mobile Apps for free
Becoming an Excel VLOOKUP expert 
How to install Excel 365 on your Android smart phone or iPhone, iPad or Android, Samsung tablet or Samsung Phone
How to use Office 365 on your smart phone, iPhone, Samsung phone or tablet
Limitations of Excel as a mobile app
Finding Total Editing Time property in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
Today's alternatives to Microsoft Excel - a comparison
Finding Total Editing Time property in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
Excel 2010 secrets
Excel 2007 secrets
Useful features introduced in Excel 2010
Useful functions in Excel 2007

Run Excel macro from IF formula in spreadsheet
Excel 2003 Shared Workbook Crashes Hangs in Excel 2010
Excel total editing time
Excel Collaboration / Sharing / Allowing Multiple Several Users to Work on the Same Excel File Concurrently Simultaneously
Using Excel to Analyze data collected /captured using Survey Monkey / Analyzing and charting results data from Survey Monkey in Excel
Using Excel with Cubes, SQL Server Analysis Services and/or OLAP tools to analyze large and complex databases
Using Excel to calculate Value at Risk
Using Excel for decision tree modeling and calculating expected costs/ outcomes
Using Excel for Capital Asset Allocation models
Using Excel for Monte Carlo simulations
Using Excel to for path simulation
Using Excel in implementing Black-Scholes option pricing models
Implementing neural networks using Excel
Using Excel to Analyse user acquisition data data
Building sexy spreadsheets - a design guide to making Excel interfaces pleasing to the eye and highly functional
Live data feeds across the internet using Excel
Subscribe and publish model in Excel
Mixing it up - Java and Excel
Sick spreadsheets - Excel spreadsheet freezing, hanging, crashing, running slow
Excel Traders Tool Pack - Excel library for financial instrument traders
Excel by common demand - frequent user request
Excel in Workflow applications
Using Excel to forecast /estimate risk adjusted investment returns
Who let the monkeys out ? - Analysing data /results from survey monkey
Building product pricing models using Excel
Building surveys, questionnaires and polls in Excel
Tracking my Excel spreadsheet over the internet
Broadcasting live data via Excel over the internet
Going back in time - tracking changes in Excel (your own secret time machine)
Making Excel build formulas in real time
Setting up web page style hit counter in Excel
Creating a poll / voting survey in Excel
Excel 2003 file won't open/ hangs/ freezes/ crashes in Excel 2010 or Excel 2007
How to open Excel 2010 .xlsx file in Excel 2000 or Excel 2003
Converting Excel 2007 / Excel 2010 .xlsx file to .xls Excel 2000/ Excel 2003 file
Opening Excel 2007/Excel 2010 .xlsx files in Excel 2000/ Excel 2003
Integrating Excel and Facebook apps
Nesting multiple IF statements in Excel spreadsheet formula/ Nesting more than 7 IF statements
The 8't Wonder of the World - Nesting more than 7 IF statements in Excel formula /function- yes there is a solution !
Excel 2003 2007 2010 workbook freezes, locks up, hangs up, very slow - symptoms and causes
Spreadsheet scripting in Google Docs
Bilingual spreadsheets - Combining and Integrating Google Docs with Excel
Data Acrobatics : Data file conversion , formatting in Excel .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .csv, .xml, and more file formats
Data Mining using Excel - using Excel to dig for gold
Integrating Excel and LinkedIn
Excel and the Web - sharing Excel files over the web, publishing files on the web
Building Call Tracking system application/ program in Excel
Excel based application performance evaluation
Excel based candidate evaluation system - data capture analysis and charting
Integrating Excel and Twitter
Building a Marimekko chart in Excel / Mekko chart in xls/ xlsx
Excel cascade / waterfall charts
Excel Bridge Chart
Stop Light Chart in Excel / Traffic light chart in .xls, .xslx file
Need a Google docs macro expert programmer developer
Google Apps Scripting Expert programmer
Google Spreadsheet expert consultant programmer developer help
Connecting Excel and SAGE accounting software
Gantt chart Excel template
Excel timesheet template
Excel invoice template
Excel dashboard template
Excel project management template
Excel business plan template
Excel Balance Sheet template
Excel Cash Flow template
Excel Profit and Loss template (P&L template)
Excel Sales tracking template
Excel 2007 spreadsheet macro hangs freezes locks in Excel 2010
Building Excel spreadsheet based surveys, polls and questionnaires
Using Excel form surveys and questionnaires
Outsourcing and offshore Excel development - pros and cons
Developing a management information system in Excel
Rapid prototyping applications in Excel
Excel freelance invoice template
Excel survey forms
VLookup and Match driven Excel applications
Opening Excel .xlsx files in Excel 2000 and Excel 2003
Excel does not open / Error when opening Excel 2007 Excel 2010
Excel and QuickBooks
Sharing Excel spreadsheets online
Using Excel driven online collaboration and workflow applications (giving simultaneous access to multiple users at the same time)
Excel timesheet spreadsheet template
Conditional formatting in Excel 2007
Calculating Flow charts and Graphic maps with
Groupon merchant risk Excel calculator
Groupon and Day deal merchant feasibility Excel calculator
Excel market stall map on a spreadsheet revenue entry and calculator system
Creating an automated purchase order template in Excel
Creating an automated invoice template in Excel
Creating an inventory control system Excel front end
Creating an event booking and management system in Excel
Creating a timesheet template in Excel
Creating time and billing templates in Excel
MT4 MQL Metatrader and Excel programming
Excel Portfolio Allocation template
Dynamic Portfolio allocation using Excel
Automating Microsoft Excel PIVOT TABLE 2007 with VBA
Custom Pivot Tables in Excel
Excel Advertising Campaign management template
Using Excel in supply chains
Using Excel to build affiliate marketing tools
Using Excel with Google Android, IBM's Connections, Microsoft's Sharepoint and Google Docs
Android programming and Excel development
Excel and iPhone iOS objective C programming and development
Excel and Java integration
Expert / custom dll development for Excel using C++
Excel template for resource planning and management
Check in counter allocation simulation using Excel
Freelance event manager invoice template
Writing custom dll or .dll files for Excel
Excel templates for Affiliate marketing / network marketing and commission allocation
Excel templates for commission allocation in Realtor / Property business
Excel password recovery / open or unlock password protected file
Excel based opinion poll system
Expert developer programmer C++ multithreaded real time systems for high frequency trading Unix C/C++ TCPIP messaging software and protocols and sockets.
Connecting Excel to an inventory control management system back end
Generate and print bar codes using Excel
MS Access slow, hangs, freezes when run or opened on new HP machine
Excel development - project management services, requirements gathering/ project management, outsourcing, overseeing projects to completion, project supervision,
Excel SEO utilities, programs, software, applications, apps, services, agents, automation, analysis, charting, tracking, monitoring, dashboards
Debt collection tracking system template
Property Management Excel template
Calculating IRR for cashflow internals that are span months not years



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