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UK    TEL. 0784 219 4018
USA TEL. 011 44 0784 219 4018
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Restoring Missing Excel Ribbon in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010/ Excel 2013

Today we had a call from a customer who lost their Excel ribbon, the menu bar disappeared without reason.  My Excel ribbon is gone, it is missing, it has completely disappeared! It used to be there and now it's gone, I can't see the Excel ribbon, it's not visible. How do I get it back?  How do I recover my missing Excel ribbon?

This situation can happen both in Excel 2007 and in Excel 2010 if you inadvertently click on  the "Miminize Ribbon" option for example. 

To recover your Excel ribbon right click on the menu bar and choose "Miminize Ribbon", as seen in the image below

or you can simply toggle the display of the ribbon using CTRL + F1, to show/hide your Excel ribbon.

Another possible reason for the Excel ribbon not being visible, is that you are in Full Screen mode. To solve this, simply hit the Escape button on your keyboard and this should restore the ribbon tab. You can also exit Full Screen mode by clicking the Minimize or,Restore Down buttons in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

If you would like to talk to someone over the phone about this issue or need help with a different issue you can call us on Tel. ++ 44 0784 219 4018 (yes this is a phone number in England!), and speak to one of our friendly Excel advisors in London.

Please note that we must charge for the service in order to keep it running. Thank you for your understanding!


Welcome to our workshop window. We are a small software house specialising in custom Excel solutions and driven by a team of dedicated developers. The gentleman in our banner flag is a spitting image of one of our computer science professors and we simply could not resist including him in our literature as a tribute to his inspiration and our success today!
While we are not as smart as he, we are a focused and dedicated team of developers who love our craft and take pride and pleasure in delivering quality solutions to our treasured clients. These solutions range from troubleshooting existing Excel spreadsheets that have developed bugs or rewriting legacy Excel applications that were written for Excel 2000 or Excel 2003 and no longer run in newer versions of Excel such as Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. We also troubleshoot Excel macros and VBA applications. We are often called and asked to help create advanced spreadsheet formulas that are beyond the capabilities of an ordinary spreadsheet user or add more exotic functionality and behaviour to an existing spreadsheet. We relish projects where a user gives us a description of what she has in mind and web bring her idea to life. The look on clients faces when they get their idea in 

 made to order as well as troubleshoot Excel spreadsheet applications, Excel macros, and full blown Excel VBA programs. We take pride in providing quality solutions that add real value to our clients.


 that  Excel is one of our favorite tools because so many users are familiar with it. 

We are a small dedicated team of Excel developers

We are a small dedicated team of Excel developers

We are a small dedicated team of Excel developers
We are a small dedicated team of Excel developers We are a small dedicated team of Excel developers We are a small dedicated team of Excel developersWe are a small dedicated team of Excel developersWe are a small dedicated team of Excel developersWe are a small dedicated team of Excel developers

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